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The Mission: 

To make disciples of Christ!


The Vision: 

To empower the youth to commit to a Christian Lifestyle and build both accountable and healthy relationships with God, family and each other.


Our goal is to bring the youth into closer relationship with God through Bible teaching, supported through youth church, mentoring, and service. Youth church is an opportunity to reach the youth on a personal level. Mentoring provides an opportunity to bridge the generations within the church and highlight the value of our seasoned saints.  Thirdly, service gives the youth an avenue to display their unique gifts in the body of Christ and within the community.

• PCC Children's Church (3-12) - 4th Sunday
• PCC Teen Ministry (13-18) - Teen Talk
• PCC Young Adults (19-35)

Our goal is to ignite a fire within the lives of our youth bringing them into closer relationship with God and with each other!

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