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Elder Lillian M. Hanna

Elder Lillian M. Hanna is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. Her roots began at the Pentecostal Temple, Church of God in Christ (COGIC), under the pastorate of the late, Bishop James Oglethorpe Patterson, Senior, the Presiding Prelate of the Churches of God in Christ movement, worldwide. There, she understood the call of God on her life. However, it wasn't until the age of 14, while living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the leadership of the late, Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Jr. that she would have her first opportunity to preach and begin a journey that would later prove to be a confirmation of that call, from such a young age.

For many years, Elder Hanna would sing, preach, and busy herself in ministry by contributing to the building of small ministries, churches, and grass-roots organizations throughout the Philadelphia vicinity. In. 1989, she was consecrated as an Evangelist by the late, Bishop Johnny L. Weatherbe. After an extensive span of biblical studies and field ministry, it was under the tutelage of her father, the late Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II, establishmentarian of the United Pentecostal Churches of Christ international movement, that she was again promoted to the rank of Elder. Throughout the course of Elder Hanna's ministry, she has been chronicled as being lively, anointed and a passionate leader, no matter where her ministry has carried her. From 2006 until 2016, she served her husband, Bishop Derrick Hanna, in ministry as the executive pastor at the Open Heart Church located in Philadelphia. Together they parent Grace & Redemption Ministries, reaching beyond the church walls into the community.

Elder Hanna is a published author, with a degree in Education and extensive work experience within the Philadelphia Public School District, providing needed academic and life-skills training for small children, teens, and adults. In 2001 she was featured in an international syndicate magazine, which charted the yearly progress and contributions of non-profit organizations. Her accomplishments were championed with a write-up of how her work in schools and local neighborhoods was indicative of her own life's ministry.

On June 11, 2022, she became the first lady of the historic Pentecostal Church of Christ (Cleveland, OH) serving alongside her husband, Bishop Hanna who was elected as Senior Pastor, after having served two months as its interim pastor.

Elder Hanna has been acknowledged in many circles of prestigious people and was even graced to minister on the WORD network. Albeit her greatest satisfaction and true testament of her ministry is the commitment she has provided for her family.

"If I am remembered for anything in life, I would like for it to be that I am saved only because of God's mercy. And, in knowing that, I have tried to perfectly exemplify how imperfection can, in fact, silhouette the reflection of a perfect God."

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