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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - 9am-2pm

Wednesday - 9am-12Noon


Applicant must be able to:

  1. Climb at least 25 ft. on a ladder,

  2. Lift at minimum 50 lbs.

    Custodian Job Description

    The custodian is responsible for helping the Maintenance Supervisor in the day-to-day care of the building and its contents. The church grounds shall be maintained in a clean and orderly fashion at all times. The following duties will be performed as needed under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Director of Finance.

    • Clean the pews and straighten hymnals

    • Vacuum the sanctuary

    • Clean windows and sills

    • Dust areas as needed throughout the church

    • Clean restrooms and replace supplies

    • Mop floors

    • Clean before and after church activities, such as funerals, baby & bridal showers, and weddings (as needed)

    • Set up tables and rooms for special activities, as requested

    • Empty all trash cans and place trash outside in the dumpster

    • Winterization, as needed

    • Keep outside premises free debris

    • Other duties as assigned


    Give us a call: (216) 721-5934

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