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Bishop Derrick M. Hanna

Bishop Derrick M. Hanna has more than a decade of pastoral experience serving in both Springfield, Massachusetts and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Open Heart Churches, under the tutelage of his father, Bishop Robert Hanna.


As a progressive thinker and humble servant, Bishop Derrick Hanna believes that ministry is not only what happens within the church, but also reaching into the community, beyond the pulpit. His service as a lifelong learner and leader is evidenced in his scope of commitments, including over twenty years of ministerial undertaking and site development. Bishop Hanna is dedicated to the pursuit of Godly excellence and has persisted in such via academic strivings, multi-denominational collaborations, missionary focused projects, and multi-million-dollar procurements for community expansion, including partnerships with local banks, hospitals, schools, and neighboring businesses. Academically, he has accomplished his B.S. degree in Bible and (MALM) Master’s degree in leadership and ministry.


His sincerity, loyalty, and heart for God have elevated his capacity to see into the needs of others and guide them on a path of long-term development and purpose fulfillment for better than four decades. Bishop Hanna's primary ministry is his family: his beautiful and anointed wife, Pastor Lillian Hanna, who serves alongside him in ministry, three children, Brittany, Brianna, and Hayward, and their two namesakes-grandchildren, Lilly May Goins and Eli Derrick Hanna.


On June 11, 2022, he was elected as the Senior Pastor to the historical Pentecostal Church of Christ (PCC), after serving for two months as its interim pastor. He serves now as the seventh pastor in succession to this church which was organized by the late Dr. Chelcie France, in 1935

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